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Fireplace Installation

There’s no denying the comfort and homeliness that a fireplace provides. Living in the great state of Colorado, we are no strangers to the cold seasons that roll around each and every year.


Fireplace Maintenance

Just like with any other piece of equipment around the home, annual maintenance of your gas fireplace is important. Not only to enjoy the expected lifespan of your fireplace, but also to ensure a healthy living space.


Outdoor Fireplaces

Choosing to add an outdoor fireplace in your backyard adds to the landscape while proving to be useful as well. If it’s not uncommon for you to entertain guests at your home, you’ll find that and outdoor fireplace often times lures people towards it.


Fireplace Repairs

There are a number of reasons that your gas fireplace may require some repairs. Fortunately, most of these issues can be repaired quickly and affordably.



Fire pits are an affordable way to improve the landscape of your property. Fire pits are great to gather around and relax during the evenings with family and friends while enjoying a good conversation.


Wood Stoves

Wood stoves have little restrictions on where they can be installed. The only real requirement is being able to run a vent pipe through the ceiling to allow for smoke to safely exit your home. Aside from this, we can install a wood stove in virtually any room of the house.

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The Fireplace Expert was founded in 1997 by owner-operator Arturo Rojo after recovering from a serious injury at work. Having spent much of his life building companies for other entrepreneurs, the time spent in recovery allowed Arturo to focus his thoughts on his own dreams.

The Fireplace Expert’s secret to success is striving to provide a certain level of quality craftsmanship that seems to be a rarity in today’s time. Arturo brings traditional quality and attention to detail in every new installation and repair project that he takes on.

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