Fireplace Installation

Fireplace Installation

There’s no denying the comfort and homeliness that a fireplace provides. Living in the great state of Colorado, we are no strangers to the cold seasons that roll around each and every year. A beautiful fireplace installed by The Fireplace Expert can provide a cozy area for the family to gather while enjoying the warmth of indoors. Aside from the warmth and aesthetics that a custom-built fireplace provides, there are a number of other advantages that come with an indoor fireplace.


When given the option to cut down on energy costs, most of us will jump at the opportunity, especially as energy costs continue to rise. Running your furnace will cause your energy bill to rise quickly; however using a fireplace to heat your home is far more affordable.

Every new fireplace install by The Fireplace Expert is carefully completed to ensure seamless installation. Once the fireplace has been built in to your home, no evidence of the add-on will remain. Our dedication to quality service is the reason for our success. Contact The Fireplace Expert today for a free consultation and enjoy the benefits of a custom built fireplace.

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